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We have Regional Managers in the North, South, East and West Africa, and the Middle East. For each of the country in these regions, we have country managers, who manage curators. Curators organize training program for the Kids in these regions.

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To That Child In Africa: S01 E02

To That Child In Africa: S01 E02

19 Jul 2024
Hi there, Never forget this. You are in your hands. Everything you will grow up to become or not is your choice to make. You are responsible for your own growth. You are the driver and your passenger. No risk is too big, no mountain too high, and no seas too deep if you choose and commit to a dream. No one owes you anything, but if you do your best every time, the universe will conspire to give you all the luck it has to make sure you succeed. So, kid, never forget, that you are your first and biggest responsibility. That’s how you change the world. Love, Praise Philemon
To That Child In Africa: S01 E01

To That Child In Africa: S01 E01

12 Jul 2024
Hello dear, My name is Arinola Addo Daniel. In 2021, my big brother said to me, “life is not equal for everyone, but life is fair to everyone”. It took me over 7 months to fully understand what that meant and its implications on my life. Let me explain it this way: view 'LIFE' like you are playing a game of cards and there are other players. You won’t get the same cards, might be close but they will never be the same, still you have to play. Once you start, everyone is given a certain number of cards to start with (this might mean your background, the city you were born into, the number of children in your family, and how unbelievably liquid or solid your parents are), at a point, player B might have to pick 2 (this could mean failing an exam and losing a loved or buying a laptop and free tuition till you graduate school), player F might get to skip a game round (this could mean being in and out of the hospital for a year), player X might pick a general market affecting everyone on the table (winning a competition that gives his/her community a transformer for stable electricity or joining a local gang that causes everyone unrest) My lesson: Surrender to the cards in front of you, cause that’s your arsenal, don’t see another person's card as an advantage (it might indeed be a better set of cards but it's their card, it does you no good, so focus on yours) make (play) the best out of what you have. Always play well and give it your best shot, whenever you're playing, whatever card you're playing, is the last time you're playing that card, you won't get to play it again, make it count. So I write to you, Amira (Algeria) and Omar (Egypt), Aissata (Guinea) and Yao (Cote d'Ivoire), Léa (Congo) and Kwame (Ghana), Fatoumata (Gambia) and Njoya (Cameroon), Wanjiku (Kenya) and Asiwaju (Nigeria), that never forget the words of popular African music philosopher, “eni ba fe lowo bi Dangote, oni lati jagun - He who wants to be rich like Dangote will fight many battles” - Ahmed Ololade ‘23. Remember, the light will always separate you!
Graduating Kids in Fellowship - SeedBOX

Graduating Kids in Fellowship - SeedBOX

6 Apr 2024
For nine months, a transformational journey began, SeedDev, was called to partner on a noble mission alongside its esteemed partner, Dzeuls Foundation, pioneering our eco-friendly, solar and internet-powered buildings aimed at uplifting the community. These carefully selected young learners embarked on a journey of discovery, guided by mentors who instilled knowledge and ignited their passion for innovation every week, the children immersed themselves into learning, exploring everything possible. These kids are from low income families in rural/emerging communities who have never interacted/operated a computer before. On this graduation day, we hosted what turned out to be happening in Ijero-Ekiti for the first time ever, Ijero Tech Day, the theme was ‘Empowerment for the 4th Industrial Revolution’, to shine light on the community and build an energy for a continuous movement towards STEM careers and a beautiful future. The graduation ceremony unfolded in grandeur, illuminating the faces of eager parents and esteemed guests such as the Olori Adewole Abike, wife of The Owa Ajero Of IJERO EKITI, Dr. Olabisi Afolabi-Awosanya, Rt Rev O.O Oriyomi and many more graced the occasion, lending their support and encouragement to the budding talents of Ijero Ekiti. We had a panel session where Aboluwarin Olaoluwa David, popularly called Kitan David, founder of SeedDev elaborated on the challenges and opportunities that arise when children are deeply involved in technology, especially considering their developmental stages and learning needs. While Dr. (Mrs) Olabisi Awosanya spoke from a psychological standpoint, the effects of children's interactions with technology and how it can greatly impact their cognitive and emotional development. Finally, Olori Adewole Abike, who is a Retired Permanent Secretary, Ministry Of Health, touched on how parents can strike a balance between encouraging exploration and ensuring digital wellbeing. Next session had parents stand tall, their hearts brimming with joy and gratitude as they beheld the fruits of their children's labour. The culmination of months of hard work and dedication was showcased through captivating visual demonstrations, each project a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the young graduates. Amidst a chorus of applause, certificates were bestowed upon each graduate, a symbol of their achievement and commitment to shaping a brighter tomorrow. Yet, amidst the accolades, three exceptional students stood out, with bated breath, the audience awaited the announcement of the coveted prizes. As the names of the outstanding students echoed through the air, jubilation ensued. Three new laptops were awarded to the deserving recipients, igniting dreams of a future filled with endless possibilities. In the words of our founder, the SeedBox initiative is not merely about constructing buildings; it is about building futures—one child at a time, one city at a time, one nation at a time. As the curtain falls on this chapter of triumph and achievement, SeedDev and Dzeuls Foundation reaffirm their unwavering commitment to sculpting a brighter tomorrow. The event was proudly supported by Leadway Pensure Pension Fund Administrators, Truth-Tech Multi-Construction Company Limited, The Alice Ajibabike Family, & Boulevard Hall & Hotel. Looking forward to a beautiful future.
Visit to Kinder Schuul

Visit to Kinder Schuul

6 Oct 2017
The event at Kinder Schuul was scheduled for the 2nd of October, to celebrate the independence day with the pupils of the school, to further demonstrate our commitment to building the future leaders of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. However, we had to reschedule to the 6th of October. 50 students were trained during the program. We introduced the students to computer programming with scratch and also touch typing, helping the students to know how to type effectively and efficiently.
Northern Nigeria Training  (Abuja and Minna)

Northern Nigeria Training (Abuja and Minna)

4 Dec 2017
During the 2017 "Hour of Code" week. Our team in the Northern part of Nigeria, organized events in Abuja and Minna in schools reaching out to young adults and educating them about technology and getting them to write their first line of code. The project trained over 200 students over the course of the week in Abuja and Minna. We are gradually developing a network of curators/facilitators across the country and Africa at large to reach out to kids and young adults in emerging communities in Africa, reaching out to them with technology education.
Part 1: The Ijero-Ekiti Adventure

Part 1: The Ijero-Ekiti Adventure

1 Jul 2023
In the heart of Ijero Ekiti, Ekiti state, Nigeria, lay a small community filled with dreams as vast as the African savannah. Their aspirations were limited by a digital divide that seemed insurmountable. But hope was on the horizon when a team of passionate educators and tech enthusiasts, SeedDev in partnership with Dzuels Foundation established a SeedBOX, with the sole purpose of bringing digital literacy to the town. We, at SeedDev, believe that "talents are equally distributed but opportunities are not" - 'Kitan David. With 24 eager children who had never touched a computer, we began a historic journey to write history and we can boldly say that they have moved from computer Novices to creative trailblazers in just a few weeks. We kicked off operations on the 1st of July 2023, and the first day of training was a sight to behold. Kids within the age range of 9 to 16 years were gathered in the SeedBox. Our experienced curators introduced them to the world of computers. They explained the basics: hardware, software, and the magic that happened when they worked together. The kids listened attentively, and their curiosity ignited. Our curators knew that, building digital literacy from ground zero required patience and creativity. We started with the basics: teaching the children how to use a mouse and keyboard. It was akin to introducing them to a new world language. The children stumbled and clicked randomly, but with perseverance, they began to understand. They learned to navigate the desktop and open files, and soon, they were typing words and sentences in simple documents. As the weeks passed, the children's skills grew. Curators introduced them to word processing using Google Docs, spreadsheet calculations with Google Sheets, and creating captivating presentations with Google Slides. The children wrote essays, calculated imaginary budgets, and delivered presentations on their favourite topics. Curators took it a notch higher, when they introduced the children to Scratch, a platform for coding and creating interactive stories, games, and animations. It was a moment of pure magic. The children's faces lit up as they learned to create their characters, code movements, and add sound effects. In their newfound digital playground, they unleashed their creativity, building games inspired by stories from their community. With each line of code, they were not only learning computer skills but also preserving their cultural heritage. Every small achievement was celebrated, and the children's confidence soared. They realized that the computer was not a distant and intimidating machine but a tool that could bring their dreams closer to reality. Days turned into months and the transformation is nothing short of remarkable. The children who once struggled to use a mouse are now confidently navigating the digital world. They can create documents, analyse data, and design games with ease. With the newfound digital literacy, the kids at Ijero have opened doors to a world of opportunities. They are no longer limited by the digital divide that had once held them back. "We understand the power of education and tech to transform lives and we remain committed to nurturing these kids' passion for learning, ensuring that the Ijero Ekiti project is just the beginning of a brighter future filled with endless possibilities." - Arinola Addo Daniel.
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The Pilot Project was in late 2015 where we trained 200 kids in Akure, Ondo State Nigeria, fast forward to 2018, we have trained over 7200 young Africans including an annual summer camp (every third quarter) for girls where we train over 400 individuals.
We are more determined now than ever to reach our next milestone of a million African Kids in the next year. With you on our side, reaching a million kids is possible.

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