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We have Regional Managers in the North, South, East and West Africa, and the Middle East. For each of the country in these regions, we have country managers, who manage curators. Curators organize training program for the Kids in these regions.

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Akampa School Outreach, Cross River

Akampa School Outreach, Cross River

3 Oct 2019
2 day bootcamp for selected secondary school student in Akampa, Cross River State. Nigeria. The aim of the bootcamp was to expose these kids to logic and object oriented programming (Python, Php and c#)
Bemore Summer Boot Camp 2019

Bemore Summer Boot Camp 2019

11 Aug 2019
The third edition of the annual Bemore Summer Boot Camp through which we train girls in a two weeks boot camp, held from the 11th to 25th August 2019. The edition of the boot camp trained 250 girls in total and the senior class category was introduced for the returnees who had taken the beginner classes to further advance their learning. While the syllabus for the beginners covered digital literacy and elementary computer programming, the syllabus for the senior class covered internet tools and their uses, social media and it's applicability and web Design with HTML and CSS. The girls had a great time learning during the summer camp and are greatly empowered to do exploits with their newly acquired skills.
SeedDev Summer Boot Camp 2019

SeedDev Summer Boot Camp 2019

5 Aug 2019
We had the first edition of our annual summer tech Bootcamp, from the 5th to 23rd of August 2019. The summer camp designed to help introduce kids and teenagers to developing viable 21st-century digital skills was a huge success. The curriculum covered from basic digital literacy and computer appreciation courses to computer programming. The boot camp lasted for three weeks and had 10 students in attendance.
Round table on the Future of Skills and Education in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Round table on the Future of Skills and Education in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.

4 Sep 2018
If we don’t talk about it, we may never know how we can work together to get it done. Our round table on the Future of Skills and Education in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, had a cross section of participants and partners from several organizations in attendance. The conversations were driven towards assessing the current state of the educational system in Nigeria and coming with ideas around structures and policy to be put in place to ensure that the system is improved to cater for the future skill requirements. Our Sincere appreciation to all our partners who contributed towards making the event a success; as we champion solution driven actions towards building a skilled Africa. The round table was proudly sponsored by Microsoft Nigeria.
Northern Nigeria Training  (Abuja and Minna)

Northern Nigeria Training (Abuja and Minna)

4 Dec 2017
During the 2017 "Hour of Code" week. Our team in the Northern part of Nigeria, organized events in Abuja and Minna in schools reaching out to young adults and educating them about technology and getting them to write their first line of code. The project trained over 200 students over the course of the week in Abuja and Minna. We are gradually developing a network of curators/facilitators across the country and Africa at large to reach out to kids and young adults in emerging communities in Africa, reaching out to them with technology education.
2018 I.C.T. Summer camp for 400 girls

2018 I.C.T. Summer camp for 400 girls

18 Aug 2018
While the 2017 "Girl Child I.C.T empowerment Initiative" trained a 100 girls, the 2018 version of the project trained 400 girls. The project is organized annually in partnership with the office of the first lady of Ondo State to help empower young girls with digital and technological skills. During the 2018 summer boot camp we helped the students acquaint themselves with working with the computer, understanding the computer components, their individual functions and how they work together, we also trained the girls on the effective use of office productivity tools, such as power point, excel and Microsoft word. Also the girls were introduced to elementary computer programming, problem solving and game design with Kodu game Lab and Scratch Programming. The camp was a great success with a lot positive impact on the girls.
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The Pilot Project was in late 2015 where we trained 200 kids in Akure, Ondo State Nigeria, fast forward to 2018, we have trained over 7200 young Africans including an annual summer camp (every third quarter) for girls where we train over 400 individuals.
We are more determined now than ever to reach our next milestone of a million African Kids in the next year. With you on our side, reaching a million kids is possible.

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